A Litany of TidBits

  1. Dave-the-husband/lover and youngest daughter, Stormie Dae have been in Honduras all week with Compassion International, where they play afternoon soccer games and are hanging with other really cool people from Colorado (the guys who started Desperation Conferences, the people who run the Grand Junction NightVision Festival, and etc).
  2. I scheduled meetings all day and all night to keep busy and not feel lonely and I totally stressed Sandy out by not coming home until 11:30 last night.  How do I know she was flipped out about being in the house so many hours alone?  Please do not ask!
  3. I am SUPER mad at my iPhone because I plugged it in to grab the CUTEST photos ever off of it (Gemma, Averi and Amelie) and when I looked up, it was re-setting my phone and I lost them all.  Can I get them back?  EVER?  Somebody please help me!!!??
  4. I lost my camera.  I lost my $69.99 Black-Friday Target special that I have had for 2 1/2 years (longer??) – the one I take all my pictures on.  I am now a camera-less Nonna.  Where o where is it?  I humbly offer a $10 reward for its’ return.
  5. Ryan and Tredessa are coming over to make me dinner.  Are they sweet or what?
  6. My front door was unlocked this morning when I came down.  What the heck???  I am not that brave.
  7. I am jealous of everyone riding motorcycles on my way to and from the office.  I mean – it would be riidiculous of me to take it up at my age, but they get to ride free in the wind.  I  miss the convertible, too.  *sniff sniff*  But Ryan just told me he might get a bike!!!
  8. The peonies are blooming beautifully.
  9. Tomorrow I am TAKING some time to dig in the dirt and garden a bit.
  10. There are still balloons hanging in my dining room and family room from the party last weekend.  Kind of like my happy welcome home, even though it is so quiet here.
  11. Picnik.com is gone foever, yes, but at least temporarily, I have discovered PicMonkey.com.  I can deal until they start charging, which I know is their devious, evil plan (get me hooked and then “That’ll be 1892 dollars and 63 cents, please“).  Uh-huh.   I know their game, but I can play…for now.
  12. I have prayed for God to send me help from the sanctuary.  A lot.  And I am watching Him do it.  And wow, I am humbled.
  13. That is all.  Good night.


1 thought on “A Litany of TidBits

  1. On the iPhone front, maybe you should ask Kyle.. I don’t do iPhone but he’s pretty good…

    On the motorcycle front…. Why Not!

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