50 Things I want Dave to Know on His birthday

(1) I love you.  (2) I respect you.  (3) I was lost before I found you.  (4) I loved the thought of you before we met.  (5) I am happiest when I am with you.  (6) Your touch heals me.  (7) Your look thrills me.  (8) Having you choose me changed my life.  (9) Every day before you was lonely.  (10) Every day before you, you were the one I was looking for.  (11) You were the whole package for me. (12) You ARE the whole package for me.  (13) I am a better person because you saw something in me and shined a light on it.  (14) I am a better person because you believed in me.  (15) You know me better than I know myself.  (16) You showed me what could be, in spite of what was.  (17) I would go anywhere with you – including Japan for 5 weeks!  (18) I would live anywhere with you – even an RV!  I think.  (19) I can hear your voice in a crowd.  (20) When I can find your face in a sea of strangers, my head stays above water.  (21) I thank God for you.  (22) I thank God because you are my proof that He was thinking ahead to me.  (23) No matter how many days we have together on this earth-it will never be enough for me.   (24) I will want more.  (25) I treasure all the times you have made me laugh.


(26) I treasure the songs you have sung to me.  (27) Your hands-I love the touch of your hands.  (28) You’re as cool as the other side of the pillow.  (29) You’re as warm as the sunshine at the beach.  (30) You’re as strong as the waves of the ocean.  (31) You’re as beautiful as the sunrise on my garden.  (32) You light up my life.  (33) You’re the inspiration.  (34) I will always love you.  (35) I won’t last a day without you.  (36) I’m keeping you forever and for always… We will be together all of our days…Wanna wake every morning to your sweet face…Always.  (37) I need you to know that I know you are a good man.  (38) I know you are an honest man.  (39) I know how deeply you care about people.  (40) I know all you have sacrificed over the years to provide for our family.  (41) I have seen the sacrifices for other people, too.  (42) I can vouch for your total integrity in every area of your life.  (43) I know you have always, when you could, chosen peace.  (44) You have brought peace into my life.  (45) I haven’t always made that easy.  (46) But you kept doing it anyway.  (47) I am so honored to be married to you.  (48) I am so honored that you wanted me to be the mother of your children.  (49) You are the best friend I have ever had.  (50) In spite of the hard knocks, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world…  (51) And I want you to know how valuable you are to me, my love, my birthday boy.  You are.  And if I had it all to do again?  I would.  I do.

I have to quit because you are only turning 50 – and I could keep going!  Love you, babe…Jeanie

David Allen Rhoades will turn 50 on Monday.  Wish him well here if you want.  Or at dave@daverhoades.com

pictured:  Dave with his 5 grandkids (one for each decade!) at his family birthday party a few days ago; Gavin and Hunter, Gemma, Guini and Averi

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