People born in 1959:

Jason Alexander
Tom Arnold
Marie Osmond
Simon Cowell
John McEnroe
Richie Sambora
Weird Al Yankovich
Val Kilmer
Lorri Morgan
Judd Nelson
Sherri Cramer
Lorri Teufal
Kevin Spacey
Clint Howard
and me

October theĀ 8th birthdays

Matt Damon
Sigourney Weaver
R.L. Stine
Jesse Jackson
Chevy Chase
Crocodile Dundee (Paul Hogan)
Stephanie Zimbalist
and me

pictured: me at maybe 14 or 15 months old with my young, beautiful parents and brother Joe on the way…

14 thoughts on “49ers

  1. A Happy Birthday to you!
    A Happy Birthday to you!
    Every day of the year,
    May you feel Jesus near!
    A Happy Birthday to you!
    A Happy Birthday to you!
    The best that you ever had!

    I’m just glad you always get there before me!

  2. Happy, blessed birthday to a Proverbs 31 woman! I am so incredibly humbled to call you friend, mentor and mom. :) I love you to pieces and I hope you have a FANTABULOUS day!

  3. Happy Birthday, mama mia!! I can’t begin to express how blessed I am to have you as my mommy. You are the rock that keeps me sane most of the time and an intimate friend that I can share virtually anything with. You’ve believed in me my whole life and said so over and over. This year, I pray that you will understand a little more the incredible woman of God you were created to be. I pray that you will find more of your voice in worship and that you will begin to write like you’ve never written before. This year, I pray that you will make thousands of dollars in the cake-making business (and hopefully will be planning how to make my wedding cake:). I pray that your marriage will grow in love, understanding and passion (that rivals when you were newly weds). I pray that you will add much wisdom and blessing to the ministry of Worship and the Word Movement. I pray that you will have strategic times to speak into the lives of your children and grandchildren and give guidance and wisdom. This year I pray that you will open your mouth and speak the things that need to be heard by no one else but you – whether good or of correction and rebuke. May this year bless you, mom. I love you!

    I love you, yes I do! You are full of wisdom, discerning, a voice that speaks into my life more than most people, a best friend, my cook book, thesaurus, comfort, my exhorter, and forever my mommy. I love you dear mom and friend! I hope I can be a mommy just like you!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. I love you momma, thanks for always pouring into me. I hope I can do the same for you as well. Have a great rest of the Birthday week!!
    I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yo MOM! I love you very much and am EXTREMELY THANKFUL for you on so many levels. You are amazing and I communicate that every time I talk about you!

    Grateful to God for your birth,


  7. Perhaps the reason I’ve never before seen this photo is be-CAUSE YOU HAVE IT!!!! My Dad looks like a rock! Cool. My Mother, like she could have went to Hollywood, dyed her hair blond and been a big-time movie star…and you Sis, like the sweet little thing you’ll always be…only now you’re 49 x the sweet-little-thing!! Love ya.

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