27 Years

Dave, on his blog, talks about the 27 years of movies, but the very first movie, the one we watched at a place he was housesitting on May 26, 1981, the movie he invited me over to view on TBS – while I  was unaware it was a “date, but was without a doubt, retrospectively, a date(!) was “Man’s Favorite Sport.”   Rock Hudson, Paula Prentiss, silly romance, our beginning.

Not completely our beginning, I guess.   I had known him for almost 3 years.   We were friends with common friends and connections.   We met at Bible College in Minot, ND.   But I left for a time and he wrote to me and our friendship was sweet and very nice.   Naturally I thought he was sooooo cute, but he had a serious girlfriend, so I never let on that  I thought so.   When I moved back to Minot, I can remember sitting at a cafeteria table with some friends, one of which called him over to discuss something or another.   As he left, she said to the group, “Oh, Dave Rhoades is so cute, oh my gosh.”   All the other girls nodded and answered affirmatively, while I coyly said, “He’s alright.”


But on May 26, he stopped by my office and asked me to come over and watch a movie.   I thought it was just a “friends hanging out” thing, but wonderfully-it was not.

Our second date was the very next night.

Our third, the next.   I think you get the idea.

By June 8 – we both knew we were in love.   I know being “in love” takes a hit in Christendom, but crimenentlies people, being in love is FUN stuff!   I still like it!

June 16, 1981, Dave proposed to me.

We were married July 23, a Thursday night, at 8 pm in Wimbledon, ND. – slightly less than 2 months after that first date.


We were married 27 years ago tonight.   I didn’t have the wedding of my dreams (I blame my brother Joe for this, but that is a whole different story), but I married the man of my dreams.

Last night, we were at a small prayer meeting of about 40 or 50 people  at church, preparing for Heaven Fest and our kids were leading worship.   Dave was at the back videotaping the amazing music as Dave and Tara started leading a song they wrote that I love, “Jesus, Name Above All Names.”   The melody is sweet, the harmonies were full and there was  my beautiful husband looking at our kids through the camera lense.   From my vista, I  could see them all, including the grandkids who were now  running and dancing around my feet.   For a moment, I lost my breath and I am certain my heart skipped a beat.

We did this, Dave, I was thinking.   We fell in love, we gave our love to God, He gave us our children, we gave them back to Him, and the love goes on.   This is what we have to show for 27 years.  

You are still so beautiful to me.   Happy anniversary, Dave,   I would marry you all over again…J

 pictured: Dave when I first fell for him; me just before I walked out the door to marrry Dave; post-wedding – my officemate, Elaina, had just thrown a bunch of rice straight down my dress.

7 thoughts on “27 Years

  1. I would marry you again also honey, thank you so much for the words.
    I too, feel the same way every time our children worship.
    God’s grace is far reaching.
    I see those youngsters in their twenties, full of life, vigor, vitality and setting the world on fire for God and I think about years of struggle in pastoral ministry. I remember hard times, lean times, ignorant times, good times, great times and the best of times.
    27 years of nurturing, giving, sacrificing, praying, ministering, instructing and rejoicing.
    You are my treasure honey.
    They are the fruit of our treasure.
    I loved you.
    I still love you.
    I will always love you… (I feel like breaking into a stirring Whitney Houston song here…)
    You have made my life complete.

    And here, once again, the words I sang to you that day…

    Day after day, I must face a world of strangers
    Where I dont belong, Im not that strong
    Its nice to know that theres someone I can turn to
    Who will always care, youre always there

    (*) when theres no gettin over that rainbow
    When my smallest of dreams wont come true
    I can take all the madness the world has to give
    But I wont last a day without you

    So many times when the city seems to be
    Without a friendly face, a lonely place
    Its nice to know that youll be there if I need you
    And youll always smile, its all worthwhile

    Repeat (*)

    Touch me and I end up singing
    Trouble seems to up and disappear
    You touch me with the love youre bringing
    I cant really lose when youre near
    When youre near, my love

    If all my friends have forgotten half their promises theyre not unkind, just
    Hard to find
    One look at you and I know
    That I must learn to live without the rest
    Ive found the best

    I love you…

  2. I love that he still takes your breath away after 27 years. Being in love is absolutely God-given and it’s fabulous that you are. Congratulations to you both — what an inspiration to those of us that are working toward that number!

  3. Congrats to you both on 27 years! I can feel the love between you in the words you write about each other. May God’s blessings and favor continue to surround you and your family!

  4. I didn’t realize you got married one week before us! How sweet! It must be great to have to such verbal people together. Aint’ communication great? You are blessed, and here’s to many more years of blessing. OH, I think the dress looked pretty dreamy…

  5. Happy Anniversary, (late)….I’m catching up after that little event that happened this past weekend. :-) You both are an inspiration to many! Here’s to many more years of legacy making!

  6. Happy Anniversary Mommala and Poppala!
    I am so blessed to have parents that love on eachother right in front of us, ALL THE TIME! :) Thank-you for being such an amazing example to all of us of what a Godly marriage looks like, I love you!

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