Tristan made a video for Stephanie’s birthday a couple of years ago, a re-enactment of a scene from “The Office,” where Jim is “conducting an experiement” in controlling Dwight.  Gavin was “Jim” and Guini was “Dwight.”  The only problem was that Dwight is an annoying jerk and Guini kept being so sweetly polite (like her Nonna).


Sometime after 11 pm last night, the views on this video went over 20,000!  Isn’t that cool?  My little grandbebes have brought joy to many Office viewers!  If you watch it, go RATE it (no less than 5 stars, s’il te plait!).


You may as well enjoy the video my kids made me for Mother’s Day that year, too.  It is my favorite Partridge family song ever.


3 thoughts on “20,000+

  1. Awesome!!! They’re famous!

    While I was there I watched the Yes Love video again. That dress that Tara is wearing looks so much like one you had way back when. Is it? The neck looks different but the print & coling look so much like it. Wow.

    1. YES! the very same dress.

      It was part of the girl’s dress-up clothes while they were growing up and she pulled it out and used it.

      The neckline used to be straight-across “boat-neck” style, I think was called? And the tiny pleats were much tighter and form fitting. It was sleeveless. I wore it with very high turquoise-colored heels back in the day. I bought it from JCP for 10-bucks in August of 1980 and it stayed in my rotation until I’d finished having children and Storms was a baby-late 1986, maybe? Then it was for play. And still around! Ha!

  2. I watched Gaven and Guinie…in the “Salvadate” skit at least 3 times lately. That is so cute.!
    I tried twice watch the kids do the partridge number…but it just said try again later.Hummmm!

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