1st grade.

A million years ago (or at least 43)

My first grade teacher was Mrs. Devlin, a tiny woman with very flat, calloused heels in her black, slingback shoes.  She was nice enough, though not overly warm and by the time we were in 3rd grade she would see us and exclaim, “My, my how you have grown!  You’re as tall as me, now.”  And we were.

Now the first grandson

gavin1 gavin2 gavin3

gavin4 gavin5 gavin6

Gavin just started all-day school today.  He is a first-grader in a new school near his house and he has entered that part of his life (how did it get here so fast?) where he will spend many of the prime hours of his day with children and teachers and people other than his parents (and nonna).

He loves school.  He just loves it.  I am glad, but I want to keep him surrounded with prayer and godly perspective.  I want to protect what has been deposited into his life and guard his heart and mind.  I want him to grow in the grace and admonition of the Lord and be made holy despite the secular surroundings he will face.

gavin7 gavin8 Gemma thinks she is ready, too

So, I figure, my prayer life just got amped up up as I spend more time praying for my “little red-headed Kelley kid.”

Lord, You know….Gavin’s Nonna

NOTE TO SELF: Keep declaring the awesomeness of our God to the next generation!

pictured: Do teachers always have to wear sweaters even in the heat of August?  Is that a rule?

4 thoughts on “1st grade.

  1. I LOVE IT! I cannot wait for the day Isaac goes to school, well, actually I can… but I think, having 3 teachers in my family, that teachers just have a LOT of sweaters – almost one for every day in some cases – that is simply why I am not a teacher, I could not do the sweater thing.

  2. Goodness! I cant believe school has started already! Steven will be starting next week and he’s pretty bummed about it. Where did the summer go?

  3. Oh, I still can’t believe that Gavin is in 1st grade! He really enjoyed yesterday, and LOVED eating lunch at school.

    It’s just me and my girls at home, and we are having fun!

    I love you Gavin!

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